Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Just Can't See it Anymore

Newest painting! Still in the early stages of it, so it's going to change a lot in the next few days.

The concept behind this work is losing sight of what you are working for. People get so swept up in what they are striving for, that sometimes they forget the main reason they are trying to achieve a goal; HAPPINESS. Too often I find people want something so badly, they forget to enjoy the process or their achievements. We're all ultimately working toward building a happier life, so why not be happy now?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Perils Of Sight

Almost done. Went back and changed the hair after I took this picture. The Shoulder is bothering me, I can't seem to get it right. Need to let this painting sit for a while

New Series Begun!

For most of this current semester, I've been smashing my head into the metaphorical wall that has kept me from creating. Big time artist's block. So, I took some time off to think about things and what kind of messages I wanted to portray in my work. The rave portraits were fun, but it's time to return to my roots; the examination of human interaction. But, instead of focusing on how humans interact with one another, my new goal is to comment on how we interact with ourselves.

This new series focuses on trauma. Individuals have immense strength to survive horrible ordeals. But what happens after we have survived? We cannot possibly return to the person we once were, and whether or not this is a good thing is definitely debatable. With focus and optimism, can we overcome anything? Or, is there such thing as a person who never stood a chance?